About Us


Venture Ladakh is a trekking holiday company offering a wide choice of experiences for all abilities. With us you can choose to climb a 6000m peak or follow the Markha river through 'tucked away' villages. We are a small, personal company bringing together Ladakhi and English skills and experience of cultural expeditions into the mountainous regions of Ladakh Himalaya. Your guide will be experienced and knowledgeable in all key aspects of your chosen trek, whether it be climbing a mountain, or visiting Buddhist monasteries. We intend to make your chosen expedition a very special and memorable time in a country which will leave you wanting to come back for more!Whether you are solo traveller, a family or group of friends, we can customizethe itinerary and duration to your special interests and budget. But let us know if your needs are different and we can organize these too. We provide not just impeccable travel services but an opportunity for you to visit the place of your dreams. The regular inflow of tourists provides employment to the local; people of these areas.

We offer a high quality service taking you to the heart of Ladakhi culture and landscape. We have strong links with the local communities visited on our treks and bring you close to the people, providing an opportunity to understand traditional Ladakhi living.


The Buddhist monasteries of Ladakh are famous fortheir rich cultural heritage seen through the religious wall murals and their masked cham festivals which mainly take place in the winter. Buddhism reached Tibet form India via Ladakh, leaving a large impression within the artistheritage of the country. Within Ladakh both the Muslim and Buddhist religionsare practiced and visually represented through the architecture of either themosque or gompa. Buddhist villages are marked by mani walls at their entrance.These chest high structures faced with engraved stones bearing the mantra ommane padme hum. Chortens are also a familiar sight as is the gompa or monastery which is a key landmark within each community.Within Ladakh there are fourdifferent Buddhist sects which are; the Ge – lugs – pa, Kar – gut – pa, Nig –mas – pa and the Sas – kya – pa.



The Ladakhi population is 300,000 strong, made up of differing regional communities resulting in the blending of many different races ranging from the nomadic people of the Chang- Thang to the Arian people of he Hanu. The Ladakhi people have their own script and language which shares many similarities with Tibetan.